Compensation for Occupational Diseases and Cumulative Trauma in the Central Valley

An important element of workers’ compensation in California

Most workplace injuries fall into one of two categories: trauma injuries or repetitive stress injuries. A trauma injury includes sudden incidents, such as slip and fall accidents and scaffolding accidents. Repetitive stress injuries include occupational diseases and cumulative trauma. The pain you feel from any workplace injury is real, and all these injuries deserve full and fair compensation. The legal team at Perez, Williams, Medina & Rodriguez, LLP can help you obtain the recovery you deserve.

What is an occupational disease claim?

“Occupational disease” describes a medical condition incurred over more than a one-day or one-shift time period. Noise, radiation, toxins, fumes and particles of a dangerous substance can trigger an adverse reaction in your body. An occupational disease claim can be hard to prove at trial or prior to settling your case, so we support your claim with the following:

  • Doctor’s report. A detailed report from your physician gives the court all the relevant details. The report should preferably come from your regular physician, include your past health history, discuss any tests and test results, and offer a diagnosis and a prognosis.
  • Factual employee statement. An employee statement provides the court with a good idea about your daily job duties and your daily job environment. Be as specific as possible and include your proximity to a producing cause, such as a power plant or refinery.
  • Statements from other employees. Witnesses or other employees that support your claims should provide statements. If another employee is suffering from a similar condition, this statement is especially valuable to your case.

Whether you are suffering from lung cancer, skin disorders, loss of sight or hearing, carpal tunnel syndrome or another health problem resulting from conditions at your job, we can help.

What is a cumulative trauma claim?

Many workers suffer from repetitive stress injuries, such as back problems and carpal tunnel syndrome. Building a successful claim based on cumulative trauma is similar to building an occupational disease claim. Your factual statement should focus on your daily activities, such as how many boxes you lift each day and the weight of those boxes, or how many hours you spend at a keyboard each day and a detailed description of your work area. Although these injuries may be less obvious than a broken leg or torn muscle and are unlikely to result in death, your California workers’ compensation attorney can help you receive fair compensation for all your workplace injuries.

Obtain attentive client service in Central Valley workers’ compensation matters

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NOTICE: Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject to up to 5 years in prison or a fine of up to $50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine.