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At Perez, Williams, Medina & Rodriguez, LLP, we understand that suffering a personal injury affects all areas of your life. We approach your case with compassion and the determination to achieve your goals. Our knowledge, skills and experience can help you obtain a judgment or settlement in your favor. The attorneys at our firm handle simple acts of negligence and more involved cases, including claims of wrongful death. When the outcome of your case is essential to your livelihood, put your confidence in us.

Assisting with a variety of injury cases

Our focus is solely on injury cases, so we are fully prepared to handle any type of accident matter:

  • Wrongful death. We understand that losing a loved one is emotionally devastating. In addition, surviving family members must contend with loss of income, loss of help and costs related to the death. We can help you recover monetary losses in a wrongful death action.
  • Auto accident. If you were injured in an auto accident, we investigate the causes and contributing factors related to the wreck. Whether the driver was distracted, under the influence of alcohol or negligent in another manner, we mount an aggressive case to recover your damages.
  • Truck accident. Injuries resulting from truck accidents are often severe. We determine whether the driver, trucking company, loading company or other party or entity can be held liable for your injuries.
  • Motorcycle accident. Motorcycle accidents are often caused by a car driver not seeing the motorcyclist. Whatever the reason for your crash, we can help you obtain compensation for the damages you suffered. These injuries are often severe because of the small size of the bike and the largely unprotected nature of riding.
  • Premises liability. Property owners have the duty to keep their premises safe and to adequately warn visitors of any potentially hazardous conditions. If you are injured in a slip and fall accident or other type of mishap because of a property owner’s negligence, you may have a premises liability claim.
  • Products liability. Consumers are frequently injured by defective products. We help you determine if the manufacturer, retailer, distributor or marketer can be held liable for your injuries in a products liability lawsuit.
  • Catastrophic injuries. Catastrophic injuries are any damages that have serious, long-term effects for the victim. Examples of catastrophic injuries include harm to the spine, brain or neck and paralysis.

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