Are you asked or required to work off the clock? Does your schedule exceed 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week? You’re likely not receiving proper pay. Putting in the sweat equity has its rewards, but speaking up can be risky.

It’s not uncommon for employers to violate the strict California labor laws that govern such wage and hour aspects as the minimum wage, overtime pay, expense reimbursement, alternative workweek schedules and wage deductions.

Have you been impacted by common labor law violations like:

  • Being classified as a manager or assistant manager and being paid a salary — to avoid paying overtime compensation. A title of “manager” or payment of salary doesn’t automatically disqualify an employee for overtime compensation, rest breaks or meal periods. Employees must fit very specific requirements to be exempt from overtime and rest and meal periods.
  • Being required to work through meal periods or being denied rest breaks.
  • Being compensated on a piece work basis and not receiving proper compensation for rest breaks and non productive time.
  • Being improperly classified as an “independent contractor” so your employer can avoid paying certain taxes and complying with certain federal and state laws such as compensating employees minimum and overtime wages.

Or has your employer made a habit of:

  • Failing to pay you and other commission-based employees a minimum wage or overtime, solely because they are paid on “commission.”
  • Failing to provide you and other piece work-based employees proper rest and meal breaks, solely because they are paid “per piece”.
  • Failing to compensate you for accrued vacation time upon termination.
  • Failing to pay you promptly upon termination.
  • Forcing you or others to sign a document purporting to release the employer from all potential claims. Many such releases are void.
  • Reclassifying you as “non-exempt” and changing your pay structure, without paying back wages.
  • Requiring you to perform “off the clock” work and failing to compensate you for such time at the correct hourly rate.
  • Making unlawful deductions from your wages for pagers, cell phones, tools or chargebacks.

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