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Helping people injured by unreasonably dangerous products

Dangerous or defective products that cause serious injuries are sold to California consumers each year. If you or a loved one was injured by a consumer product, the knowledgeable attorneys at Perez, Williams, Medina & Rodriguez, LLP can effectively represent you in a products liability lawsuit. When an item is sold to the public, it should be safe and suitable for its intended use. Additionally, consumers should be warned of any dangers related to using the product as intended and of hazards that are not obvious. We fight for your right to recover damages for your injuries caused by a defective consumer product.

What kind of defects can lead to a products liability claim?

Millions of products are available to consumers. Product defects can happen during any stage of a product’s creation. Poor design, unsafe materials, inaccurate labeling, false or misleading advertising, and confusing instructions are all considered defects. Common products liability claims include the following:

  • Vehicle parts. Cars, trucks and other vehicles can have numerous defective parts, such as brakes, airbags, seatbelts, tires and engines. Child car seats can also present unreasonable dangers.
  • Medical devices or drugs. Surgical implants and devices can have flaws that cause injuries. Pharmaceutical products and medications can create severe side effects. Anything that you ingest or rub on your skin can potentially be grounds for a products liability claim.
  • Fires. Many residential fires are caused by heaters, including portable heaters and space heaters. Burns are also common for individuals injured at work, especially in manufacturing plants and factories.
  • Lead poisoning. While most people are aware of the dangers of lead paint, lead poisoning still causes medical issues, especially for children.

These are just a few examples of defects that can be the basis for a products liability claim. A defect can be a design flaw, a manufacturing defect or a failure to adequately warn of dangers. We have experience handling each type of claim. If you believe your injuries are the result of a defective consumer product, let us review your case and help you determine a viable strategy for recovering damages for your injuries.

Proving a products liability case

When the product that caused your injury is no longer available because you ingested it or threw it away, it can be difficult to prove your case. In this scenario, we partner with experts who can prove that injuries or fatal accidents were caused by a defective product. In a products liability case, your attorney must show that:

  • Your injury was caused by the product.
  • The danger or defect of the product was not obvious or expected.
  • The defendant (designer, manufacturer, distributor, marketer, etc.) is liable for the defect.
  • You were not negligent in using the product.
  • You suffered personal injury or damage to your property.

These are the basic elements in proving your case, but many other factors can play a significant role in obtaining a successful result. Our personal injury attorneys can help you obtain the compensation you deserve for the damages you suffered.

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