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The rapid worldwide spread of COVID-19 forced employers in every industry to respond quickly to the crisis. Many businesses closed. Others furloughed their employees or sent them home to work. Still others, considered essential, were allowed to operate with relaxed regulations in order to meet critical needs more quickly. As these scenarios continue to unfold in the midst of the pandemic, personal injury claims take on new significance: in many cases, injured individuals may be able to file a COVID-19-related personal injury claim.

If you have suffered an injury or illness that was caused by negligence during the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be entitled to compensation. Our Fresno attorneys will approach your case with compassion and commitment to recover the compensation you deserve, all backed by our extensive experience in personal injury and workers’ compensation representation. With so many ways in which individuals and families can become injured or ill as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are uniquely qualified to confidently and aggressively advocate for you.

Examples of personal injury cases that might arise from COVID-19 include:

  • Working from home. California’s shelter-at-home measures resulted in millions of people working from their places of residence. If you were/are among them and have suffered an injury, you can be compensated. These are not limited to common workplace injuries, but can include injuries related to, for example, tripping over your own pet.
  • COVID-19 at work. If you were/are among those employees who have been required to work on-site rather than remotely, you are at higher risk for contracting COVID-19. Not only can this virus potentially cause death, but it can have a negative impact on your overall health – especially if you have an underlying condition such as asthma, hypertension, COPD or diabetes.
  • Nursing home negligence. Always among the most vulnerable in any health crisis, the elderly – especially those living in nursing homes – have been hit hard during the pandemic. If staff are negligent in following safety protocols, the COVID-19 virus can spread quickly in these facilities. In such circumstances, individuals can file claims on behalf of their loved ones.
  • Wrongful death. When an individual passes away as a result of COVID-19-related negligence, the surviving family may file a wrongful death lawsuit on their behalf. This will generally allow the family to recover the compensation the deceased would have earned had they been alive, as well as damages such as funeral and burial expenses.

Occupations at high risk for contracting COVID-19:

  • First responders (police, fire, EMT)
  • Healthcare workers
  • Convalescent/senior living staff
  • Caregivers
  • Grocery/retail workers
  • Transit drivers
  • Delivery drivers
  • Social workers
  • Probation officers
  • Prison guards
  • Parole officers
  • Warehouse workers

We can help even if your COVID-19 claim has been denied.

Many employers and insurance companies will do anything possible to avoid paying their employees benefits after an injury – including denying that the injury occurred on the job. If your COVID-19 claim has been denied, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be compensated. With our experienced team we can investigate your claim, gather the evidence and hold your employer accountable.

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