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Our experience includes all aspects of employment law matters at Perez, Williams, Medina & Rodriguez, LLP. Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of workplace issues built over many years of combined experience. We will quickly evaluate claims and relentlessly pursue the best strategy for the client.

  • Employment Discrimination
    Protecting your right to be judged only on your ability to perform your job sometimes requires assistance. We are here to assure that gender, race, color, national origin, pregnancy, sexual orientation, age and other natural conditions do not stand between you and your job. We will fight for your right to acceptance at your place of employment.
  • Retaliation/Wrongful Termination
    A termination can be wrongful for a number of reasons as your boss does not have the legal authority to fire you for any reason. State and federal laws protect employees in specific terms. Wrongfully terminated means you were fired for an illegal reason. We will help you determine whether your case was handled properly or if you have recourse.
  • Disability Discrimination
    Having a disability brings its own hurdles to your day to day life. We are here to keep workplace hurdles from piling on. Whether it is unfair hiring, firing, demotion, promotions, fringe benefits or workspace accommodations on the job, we step in and work with employers to clear the way.

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